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And thanks for signing up to my Personal Training team! 


I’m delighted at your decision to invest in yourself, one which can change your life, and I don't say that statement lightly.


Now, we will have established a goal and I’m excited to help you improve your health and fitness and get into the shape of your life! 


I’m really looking forward to getting started and I bet you can’t either. We’ve got lots of work to do. So I’d like you to work on the actions below. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you get stuck and I’ll be seeing you again very soon

Natalie x


Your Next Steps

Book Your First Session

If you haven't already arranged this with Natalie, follow the link below to book your first session(s). In most cases you'll arrange regular slots that align with both of our schedules.

Sign Your Forms

Follow the four links below to read, complete and sign your Client Trainer Agreement, Health Screening, Onboarding and Training Assessment questionnaires. This ensures we are able to work together safely and effectively, and is imperative for insurance purposes. 


Click the link below to find the very last three steps to getting you ready to go! It's almost time!!


What Happens Next

Once I have received everything I need I will shortly be in touch to add you to your Google Drive folder.


Within Google Drive you will receive a personal folder containing the following:


Your Habit Tracker

Your Workout Sheets

Your Notes Section

A copy of your completed Training Assessment and Onboarding questionnaires

We're then set up ready to get started,

See you at your first session!

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