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Workout with Fit Ball

Hello! So we just have a few steps left for you to be all set and ready to get going. 


First of all, if you don’t already. I would like you to save 07841397363 to your phone contacts, and send me a quick 👋 via WhatsApp. This is where we will communicate outside of sessions.


Next, you will need to have access to Google Drive, sometimes this will already be on your phone, however you may need to create an account which will be free. Once you have access to this, I would like you to send me another WhatsApp message with the email address used on your account. From here I can give you access to your own Google Drive folder which will hold all of our current (and any future) resources.


And there we go! You are now all set for our first session together, and I couldn’t be any more excited!! 


See you soon!

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