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Your Consultation Is Booked!


Thank you so much for booking a consultation with me! 


I’m delighted you’ve decided to reach out and I’m really looking forward to figuring out how we can get you moving forward in pursuit of better health and fitness, and a body you can be really proud of! 


Now what can you expect?  Well, essentially we’re going to have a conversation. I’m going to have some questions for you, which you can see lower down on this page.  These questions will help me figure out where you’re at right now and where you ideally want to get to.  Once I understand those two bits of information, I’ll be in a position to tell you what we’d need to do in order to achieve your goals. 


In advance of your consultation I want you to consider:

 ● Where are you stuck? 

 ● What’s frustrating you? 

 ● What are the barriers and obstacles in your way? 

 ● What would WILD success look like? 

 ● What would you want to work toward if you knew you couldn’t fail? 


Finally, this is a no obligation conversation and I won’t be putting any pressure on you to sign up to my programme. However, if we both feel like we’d be a good fit to work together, I’d happily tell you all there is to know about my programme and share what I’m doing with my clients right now to help them with their health and fitness goals. But for now, thank you very much for booking. I look forward to talking to you.


To Make The Most Of Our Consultation...


Consider the following questions in advance of our meeting:

What are you looking to achieve by hiring a Personal Trainer?

Where would you ideally like your health and fitness to be? Describe what wild success would look like for you.

Consider what are the challenges and frustrations that are preventing you from progressing right now?

What must change in order for this to happen?


If this is the option you have chosen, it is how we'll have our call.

If you don’t already have it, head to their website or find it in your app store and download the software so we can get straight into our call when the time comes. 

Find A Quiet

Low noise. No distractions.

So we can hear each other clearly, set yourself up in a quiet location where it’s unlikely you’ll be distracted. Grab yourself a piece of A4 paper, and a coffee wouldn’t hurt either!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to hire me as your Personal Trainer?

A really important question. Investing in a Personal Trainer (and yourself) is a decision you shouldn’t make lightly. And yes, there is a cost involved. Once we’ve discussed your goals and whether or not we’re a good fit for each other, I’m going to break down the cost and precisely what you’ll get for your investment. Then you’ll be ideally positioned to make an informed decision as to what’s best for you.

How long will it take me to get results?

I have a two-part answer for you. Firstly, there are almost always some quick wins that we can find. There’ll be some areas of your lifestyle that only need a minor tweak to bring about a result. But in the same breath, you wouldn’t be reaching out to me if you didn’t realise there was a significant amount you need to learn  for you to be happy and proud of your body. Therefore, it’s likely a lot of work is required and those meaningful results are further away. It all depends on your current situation, which we’ll discuss together on our call/in our session.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any other questions, be sure to jot them down so we can discuss when we’re together. That’s it from me for now. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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